Ebanie Bridges details staggering sum earned just for opening OnlyFans account

Boxer Ebanie Bridges has detailed the staggering figure she earned for just opening an OnlyFans account – before climbing into the top 0.01% of earners.

The Blonde Bomber, the IBF Bantamweight world champion, signed up to the private content platform before her first title defence against Shannon O'Connell.

Having previously ignored the platform due to her desire to go back into teaching, the 36-year-old has since made a fortune – having pocketed £250,000 just to join.

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"I was the first female boxer on OnlyFans, but now you've got Mikaela Mayer, Siniesa Estrada, guys like Devin Haney, Derek Chisora, Andy Ruiz, a whole bunch of influencers that are using it," Bridges told The Daily Telegraph in Australia.

"It's not porn, it's moving away from porn. I got paid over a quarter of a million pounds [A$460,000] just to start it.

"OnlyFans knows that I'm a bit of a pioneer and that if I did it, others would do it, and that's what happened."

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Bridges went on to explain that her content is 'everyday stuff' that she would post on social media as normal, but chose to make the switch in order to get paid.

The Aussie added that the pay checks from boxing twice a year amount to 'nothing' and that she would've been dumb not to join OnlyFans due to the riches on offer.

She added that 'freaks' want to buy her dirty socks and bathwater describing some subscribers as her 'paypigs' that cover her bills.

Bridges burst onto the UK boxing scene during a defeat to Shannon Courtenay back in 2021, since winning four times while picking up her belt.

Having undergone surgery following her December victory, she is targeting a return to the ring this summer despite no longer needing the cash.

Bridges said earlier this year that despite not needing to fight to be financially secure, she must just like 'punching people in the face'.


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