Daniel Dubois can take our breath away once again with his explosive power

If the state of the pads after a session with Daniel Dubois are any guide, then Bogdan Dinu is in for an uncomfortable night.

We have been going through them like never before in the gym, proving what I already knew, Dubois has real power.

I have compared him favourably with Sonny Liston in the past. Having seen him up close I would add that in some aspects he has even greater physical advantages.

He just needs to implement them.

This is his first fight since the loss to Joe Joyce. The broken eye socket and how Dubois responds in this fight is the focus for the majority of onlookers.

I can tell you it is not the focus of Dubois. He has already moved on.

The sparring he did with Dereck Chisora before he came to Shane’s gym confirmed what the medics had told him. That he is fully healed and ready to go.

I have seen him spar four times. He has never once mentioned the eye in 35 rounds of sparring.

He did the right thing against Joyce. He fought until the eye closed. The jab that forced him to stop was like a shock wave through his brain. He made a wise decision.

Dubois is still a baby in heavyweight terms. Most heavies don’t mature until their 30s. At 23 he has time to improve and grow.

Shane has been working on his movement, firing up his legs, picking up his rhythm, how he reacts when he is hit or when he lands a good shot, where his weight is, what his feet are doing. All technical stuff.

It has been only two weeks but we are already seeing little differences which are the beginning of change.

Dinu is not a walk in the park for Dubois in his first fight back. He’s 6ft 6ins tall, a sharp puncher with great movement and an excellent amateur record.

His only defeats in 22 pro fights came by KO against Jarrell Miller three years ago and Kubrat Pulev four months later.

Miller ended it in the fourth, Pulev in the seventh, the latter cut after struggling with the accuracy of Dinu’s shots.

So Dubois has to be on point, take his jab away and look to nail him in that time frame.

He is more determined than ever. He knows what people said. They called him a quitter.

But he is not motivated by proving people wrong. He is interested in getting better.

He wants to make an impact. He wants to win explosively. He has the equaliser and now it’s about unleashing all that power and taking the breath away.

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