Conor McGregor denies claims he ‘kicked, punched and threatened to drown woman’

Conor McGregor has denied damaging claims that he 'punched' and 'kicked' a woman on a yacht in the Balearics.

Disturbing reports in Ibiza alleged the UFC legend then threatened to drown the female – but fighter's representative's say he is 'steadfast in his denial' of the claims.

Officials have confirmed an investigation has been opened into McGregor by a court in Ibiza for an alleged assault.

A spokesman for the investigating magistrate, asked whether McGregor was under investigation, said: “I can confirm a court in Ibiza is investigating an Irish national for an alleged crime of wounding.”

The UFC fighter has not yet been charged with any crime, as is normal in Spain where charges are only laid shortly before trial after lengthy investigations which always take place behind closed doors.

The woman who sparked the Ibiza court investigation after going to police in Ireland is said to have claimed McGregor kicked and punched her before threatening to drown her.

A spokesperson for McGregor told Daily Star Sport: “Mr McGregor is steadfast in his denial of all the accusations made by a guest on his boat.”

Respected Ibiza newspaper Periodico de Ibiza said she had made the claims to the Gardai but did not make it clear how they were aware of her exact allegations and whether it had been given access to them via sources on the Spanish island.

The court in Ibiza which is probing the alleged incident on board McGregor’s yacht has not commented on the detail contained in the reports. Periodico de Ibiza wrote: “According to her complaint, the mixed martial arts star became violent by surprise.

"After beginning to criticise the victim, the trigger for the attack was according to her that she tried to get a friend who was on board the yacht to help her.”

Appearing to quote apparent extracts from the complaint, the paper said: “His behaviour changed at that moment and he became very aggressive” before adding: “First he kicked her under the belly button and then punched her in the chin before coming at her and threatening to drown her.

"It was as if he was possessed,” Periodico de Ibiza reported she claimed in her statement. "I knew I had to leave the boat because I thought he was going to kill me. We have common friends and I have met him on a number on occasions.

"I can’t believe what he did to me. He’s a criminal. I think he would have killed me if I hadn’t left the yacht.”

Periodico de Ibiza also claimed that in her statement to the Gardai a few days after she returned to Ireland at the end of July last year, she attributed her initial unwillingness to press charges in Spain to a state of shock when she was helped ashore by rescuers after she apparently jumped into the sea to escape.

It said she had complained she was wearing just her bikini when she went into the water and had no money or phone and just wanted to get back to her hotel as soon as possible, adding she had claimed in her Irish police statement: “They left me stranded.

"They wouldn’t even abandon a dog the way they did me.” The unnamed woman is understood to have facilitated the telephone numbers of possible witnesses.

If McGregor ends up being summoned for questioning in Ibiza, he will be quizzed in a private hearing by the investigating judge, although investigators would also have the option of questioning him by video link if they decide they need to speak to him as the probe progresses.

Other Spanish media, including national news websites, have echoed the detailed assault claims first outlined by press in Ibiza overnight.

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