Conor Benn backs pal Declan Rice and England in Euro 2020 final vs Italy

Conor Benn hopes to be up on his feet again this afternoon cheering his mate Declan Rice and England to victory in the Euro 2020 final.

And then he wants to knock Adrian Granados off his at the end of a month by showcasing the skills he didn’t get to display when he KOd Samuel Vargas in just 82 seconds in April.

Benn, who takes on Granados in Eddie Hearn’s first Fight Camp show of the year on July 31, said: “I wasn’t ever really a football man but, as of recently, I have been watching.

“It’s safe to say my knowledge was near none so I’m picking up on it.

“It was only really when I started speaking to Declan — when you start speaking to someone you get behind them and what they do and what team they are with.

“So I’ve been following them and I was up on my feet on Wednesday while my baby, Eli, was asleep, just trying to keep my voice down.

“They have done well, absolutely blinding and I’m going to try to get Declan down to the gym, get some work in, show him what the fighting is all about.

“I’m a fan of his, the way he conducts himself, what he is about, and it’s all about the teamwork on Sunday.

“The teamwork makes the dream work.”

Benn made a real statement against Vargas.

But he added: “I would have loved to have got a few rounds in, which is bizarre to say because, at the end of the day, everyone wants an early night.

“But I really wanted to show a lot of the things I’d been working on.

“Obviously, the Sebastian Formella fight was a massive step up and I was able to demonstrate quite a lot in that fight.

“But there was a lot I did wrong in that fight that I have corrected and I wanted to display that against Vargas.”

“That’s fine, though, the hard nights are going to come so you have to take those easy nights when they come.

“If I see the opportunity again I’m going to take it and if I don’t see one, I will create it.”

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