Carl Froch’s career highlight: George Groves, Mikkel Kessler or Jean Pascal?

Carl Froch’s career highlight was beating Jean Pascal for his first world title in his home city of Nottingham, he explained to new show Doing The Rounds, On Demand now.

‘The Cobra’ had memorable battles with George Groves and Mikkel Kessler but rated his capture of the WBC super-middleweight championship above them.

“Career highlight? I’ve had so many big fights, big wins, comeback wins, rematches,” said Froch.

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“But my career highlight was winning my first world title against Jean Pascal because I wasn’t 100 per cent confident in myself or my abilities.

“I was never going to turn pro. [Former trainer] Rob McCracken talked me into turning pro.

“I was watching Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn knock seven bells out of each other. I thought: ‘Look how big they are, look how hard they punch’.

“I was a skinny kid with no confidence.

“So winning the green and gold belt, the WBC, was my career highlight.

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“Career low was when I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament. I spoke to the surgeon and thought: ‘[Recovery] is going to take ages’.

“I was back in the ring within six or seven months but when I’d done my knee, limping around and couldn’t walk, that was horrible.

“My mum got me through that.

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