Boxing pundit Barry Jones caught scratching privates during Hall vs Bjornsson

Boxing pundit Barry Jones stunned fans by appearing to scratch his crown jewels live on air during Eddie Hall’s clash with Hafthor Bjornsson.

The 47-year-old lent his voice to the highly-anticipated clash between the two strongmen on Saturday night – but fans saw a little more than they had hoped. Ex-super featherweight champion Jones was seemingly unaware that he was being filmed as he took a second to “scratch” his privates while the stream continued.

It followed consistently shoddy coverage by streaming site Segi TV on the night, with the stream crashing and awful camera work throughout. And viewers were left shocked at the level of unprofessionalism by the broadcaster as they expressed their outrage.

A fan wrote on Twitter: “Feel very sorry for Barry, the broadcast is so amateur, he had no idea the cameras were on!” Another angrily tweeted: “Waited years for this fight. @Segi_tv have gone and f***** it! All I’ve had is a loading screen and Barry Jones scratching his d***.”

Others offered more sarcastic analysis of the stream, saying: “Segi TV going for an artistic approach. A tilted camera view of Barry Jones itching his balls,” and “Lovely live footage of Barry Jones ball scratch on Segi Tv!”

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The fight itself provided a better spectacle as Bjornsson outclassed Hall and secured a unanimous decision victory. Hall came out swinging in the opening round and put ‘The Mountain’ on the ropes in round two.

But Hall’s early dominance did not pay off as he was left with two cuts at the end of the second, before being knocked down with a left-hand cross in round three. The Beast attempted to turn the tide in rounds four and five, but was put on the canvas again in the final round to give Bjornsson his long-desired victory.

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