Boxing news: Anthony Joshua warning sent, Tyson Fury fight slammed, Deontay Wilder hailed

Boxing news – Anthony Joshua warning sent

Former cruiserweight world champion Johnny Nelson has warned boxing fans not to rule out Anthony Joshua’s chances of beating Tyson Fury in a heavyweight title unification fight.

“It is a fight that everyone wants to see,” Nelson told the Daily Star.

“After Fury’s last performance a lot of people’s minds might have been changed.

“Again, you gotta look at each individual on their last performance.

“Anthony Joshua has shown a completely new side to him, saying, ‘I’m now a student of this game’.

“Don’t be fooled by the amazing performance that Tyson Fury did and write Anthony Joshua off, that would be a fatal mistake.”

Boxing news – Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder slammed

Don’t be fooled by the amazing performance that Tyson Fury did and write Anthony Joshua off, that would be a fatal mistake

Johnny Nelson on a heavyweight title unification fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury

Dillian Whyte has torn into the boxing of Fury’s trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder, insisting the outcome will be no different to the pair’s rematch last month.

He said: “It’s ridiculous [of a third fight being done], considering he lost the first fight.

“I think Tyson Fury is better than him in every department.

“What’s he going to change now that he hasn’t changed in the past 12-15 years? Nothing, he’s going to change nothing.”

Boxing news – Deontay Wilder hailed

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has hailed Wilder for his spirited effort in his defeat to Fury, despite blaming the loss to his ring-walk costume.

“If Deontay said the suit gassed him, what about it, what did you not do because of the suit?” Mir said during an interview with The Sportsman. “If he said he broke his hand so I threw more lefts, now you’re not giving me an excuse, you’re explaining why you fought a certain way.

“What did impress me was that Deontay’s a world-class act. He’s knocked out everyone he’s ever faced except for Fury. It was a draw but he still knocked him down.

“Now he’s on the back foot from the opening bell, he’s getting his ass kicked. He didn’t really quit, he stayed in there.

“I’ve seen other fighters get knocked down that are super athletes, successful dominant guys and when they face that adversity, they run from it.

“This guy faced it in front of millions and he bent down on his mound with mud on his shield.

“That was impressive, that’s why it’ll be a good fight going forward with Fury.”

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