Boxer killed after being knocked out in ring ignored mums plea to stop fighting

Boxer Arrest Sahakyan, 26, who tragically died on Friday after being knocked out during a bout, defied his mother's pleas and continued to box.

Sahakyan spent ten days in a coma after sustaining a swell to the brain during a bout against Igor Semernin on Boxing Day.

According to reports in Russia, Semernin's punch caused heavy trauma to the head of Sahakyan, who had to undergo emergency surgery.

Doctors were unable to save Sahakyan's life, despite placing him in a coma.

And his sister, Svetlana Petrosyan, has revealed he continued to box following a similar scare last year.

Sahakyan's mother had come to see him in hospital, but it was then he was transferred to the ICU.

Petrosyan said that their mother "had a bad feeling" before he resumed his boxing career last year.

"She told him that his eyes were dull and she didn’t like [it]," recalled Petrosyan to REN TV.

"She persuaded him all year to go to work as a coach with children. But he was sick and lived for boxing, so he refused."

Sahakyan had been prescribed pills, and he had halted his training after his previous scare when he began work as a coach.

However, he still got back into the ring against his family's wishes.

Petrosyan also added that her brother had dropped 14kg from his last bout, and she feared that it had impacted his health.

"He came out weak for the fight, if you look at his other fights, it's like two different people."

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