AJ breaks down why Mike Tyson would have BEATEN Muhammed Ali

‘He was more developed with science and information’: Anthony Joshua breaks down why ‘bigger’ Mike Tyson would have BEATEN Muhammed Ali in their heavyweight prime

  • Anthony Joshua broke down why Mike Tyson would have beaten Muhammed Ali
  • AJ believes Tyson would have won due to having ‘better science and more info’
  • Joshua took part in an Instagram Live where he gave his ‘humble opinion’ 

Anthony Joshua gave his opinion on why he believes Mike Tyson would have beaten Muhammed Ali if the boxing legends fought in their prime. 

Joshua took part in an Instagram Live session with JD Sports, where fans asked the two-time and current heavyweight champion questions on the boxing world that has been suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

When questioned on the fairytale fight, Joshua backed Tyson to beat Ali thanks to his use of modern ‘science’.  

Anthony Joshua has given his ‘humble verdict’ on who’d win vs Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali

Joshua believes Tyson would have beaten Ali down to being ‘bigger’ and having better science

‘It’s quite interesting because in the era of Ali’s heavyweight reign, the heavyweights were ranked as cruiserweights.

‘So in the Mike Tyson, Larry Holmes, George Foreman, Lennox Lewis era; they started getting bigger.

‘Hence why, in the amateurs, they then created a super heavyweight division.

‘So the current heavyweight division in the amateurs is what we class as the cruiserweight division [in the pros], so Ali went from lightweight and worked his way up.  

Joshua said even if Ali was ‘bulked up’, Tyson would win due to having ‘more information’

Tyson boasted a career record of 50 wins, 44 wins by way of knockout and six losses

‘He wouldn’t have been a fully fledged heavyweight. Let’s say we bulked Ali up and added size and strength to him, I truly believe Mike Tyson would have won.

Mike Tyson became the youngest WBA, WBC and IBF heavyweight titles at 20 years old and boasted a career record of 50 wins (44 KO’s) and six losses. 

Ali is considered to be one of the most iconic sportsmen in history and is the only boxer to be named Ring magazine Fighter of the Year six times.

Joshua continued: ‘Reason being, when you watch the fight between Joe Frazier and Ali you see a certain Tyson-esque style in Frazier.

‘Tyson used to study Frazier: moving, moving, hooks, hooks. He managed to put Ali down, it was a very tough fight for him.’

Fans have always had a keen interest in crowning an all-time heavyweight champion and for Joshua, it’s ‘Iron Mike’ in his ‘humble opinion’. 

‘I just believe Tyson was better schooled because times have evolved,’ he added. ‘He was more developed with more science, more information. So Tyson would have won – in my humble opinion.’ 


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