Why are there no NBA games on ESPN tonight? College basketball takes Wednesday spotlight

At this point of the NBA season, we’ve come to expect to see NBA games air each Wednesday on ESPN but that won’t be the case on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

While there are nine NBA games scheduled for the first Wednesday in December, none will air on the ESPN family of networks. What makes this specific Wednesday so different from the first several weeks of the NBA season?

A quick look at ESPN’s broadcast schedule provides a pretty¬†straightforward answer.

Why are there no NBA Wednesday games on ESPN tonight?

While the NBA dominates ESPN for most Wednesdays out of the year, it sometimes takes a backseat to college hoops.

That’s exactly the case on Wednesday, Dec. 1.

With the NCAA Basketball season now in full swing, some of the nation’s top programs are facing off head-to-head in non-conference action. A highlight of this non-conference slate is the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, a series of 14 games played between the two Power 5 conferences from Nov. 28-Dec. 1, airing throughout¬†ESPN’s array of networks.

On the final day of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, two games will air on ESPN and two will air on ESPN2.

Unlike Thanksgiving when the NBA takes a night off, there will still be plenty of NBA action to tune in to on Wednesday. They won’t be on ESPN, but two of the nine scheduled games will air on NBA TV.

NBA games today: Wednesday, Dec. 1

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