Paige Spiranac names Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake in her dream foursome

Golf babe Paige Spiranac has named her dream foursome – with Tiger Woods and Justin Timberlake right at the top of her list.

The 28-year-old was completing an FAQ session on YouTube when the topic of her dream foursome partners came up.

A foursome competition involves four players competing as two pairs, using only one ball per team and taking alternate shots until a hole is won.

Spiranac, who won on the Cactus Tour before retiring from professional golf and becoming a social media personality, had no hesitation in naming the four stars she’d most like to play alongside.

“I always get asked, who is my dream foursome”, Spiranac began.

“I used to say, Tiger Woods, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

“I’ve had a lesson and been around Tiger Woods, I have played with Justin Timberlake and I haven’t played with Jimmy Fallon.

“So I’ve had two knocked off my list so far, which I think is pretty cool”.

Spiranac then opened up on the time she met singer Timberlake and revealed how starstruck she was at playing alongside such a high-profile star.

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“Justin Timberlake was one of the coolest people I have ever met”, she continued.

“He was so chill and so nice and you just forget that he is a massive, mega superstar when you’re just hanging out with him, and he’s actually a really good player too.

“He was my partner in a par-three contest and we played pretty well together, but he gave me a high-five and I was like ‘I can’t believe that Justin Timberlake just gave me a high five’.

“And I did that for all 18 holes. In my mind I was like ‘I can’t believe Justin Timberlake just said that’, so it was a really cool experience and he is the coolest celebrity that I have met so far”.

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