Paige Spiranac left “gagging” on horror flight by passenger’s constant “farting”

Golfing influencer Paige Spiranac has opened up about a recent horror flight, where a passenger’s farts reduced her to tears.

Having amassed over 3.3million followers on Instagram, Paige lives a luxurious lifestyle, playing rounds at exotic courses and sharing tips for aspiring golfers on her YouTube channel.

Despite this, the influencer has been forced to hit back at online trolls in the past, and on a recent podcast episode she revealed that a moody woman had left her traumatised after criticising the model’s outfit while she attended a country club.

In another Q&A episode of Playing a Round, Paige asked fans how much they would pay to buy her farts in a jar, and the golfer has revealed that she was recently mortified to find herself on the receiving end of one man’s flatulence during a flight.

“I had a horror flying experience and I need to vent about it because it was not okay,” she began, speaking on the latest episode of her podcast.

Paige described how she had been flying east when her flight had been affected by weather issues, causing it to get rerouted. But it soon transpired that these were the least of Paige’s concerns.

“The guy next to me kept farting and it was so disgusting… I was gagging, like suffocating. And the flight attendant kept having to spray air freshener in the cabin because it was so rancid and so disgusting,” she continued.

“He had his food and then fell asleep, and he was letting loose. We finally landed, and I was like, ‘hallelujah, I can get off this plane, I’m gagging’. I am honestly about to pass out, I can’t see, I can’t breathe, all my senses are shutting down because of these disgusting farts…

“And we sit there, lightning hits, and the captain’s like, ‘sorry guys, we’re stuck here’, so we were stuck for another two hours and this guy would not stop… The last 30 minutes I just slowly started to cry because I could not breathe.”

Even once she had finally disembarked, Paige revealed that she had scrubbed herself frantically in the shower to rid herself of the stench and quickly put her reeking clothes into a hot wash.

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