Paige Spiranac hits back at haters who say ‘nobody follows her for the golf’

Paige Spiranac has hit back at online trolls who claim people don't follow her Instagram or social media pages for her golf tips.

The golfing influencer has over 3.3 million followers on Instagram, where she uses her experience in the sport to offer advice for those looking to step up their game. Some followers, though, have been more interested in the golfer’s personal life, with the model recently slamming footage that trolled her after she admitted that she had been blackmailed over nude photos that she had taken.

Now, appearing on the Fits with the Founder podcast, Paige – who has won several junior and college tournaments – decided to emphasise her golfing abilities.

The podcast’s presenters threw listener questions at Paige, which included creepy comments about her looks and offered the golfing star an opportunity to respond to the common criticisms about her work as an influencer.

“I think anyone on social media is there in some part for attention or validation… We all think we’re a little more self-important than we really are, we all like a little bit of attention, and we feed off that,” she acknowledged.

But, Paige took issue with one comment that suggested: “Not a single person follows her for the golf.”

She responded: “That’s not true actually, because I get so many people coming up to me and they’re like, ‘you’ve changed my life with my bunker shots and my flop shots.”

Paige – who boasts over 270,000 subscribers on her golf-oriented YouTube channel – went on to stress that she wished her followers respected her golf knowledge better.

She said: “I actually have a tonne of golf knowledge and experience, especially when it comes to golf instruction. They’re there because they like what I do and what I post and the information that I’m giving them.

“So I don’t really care why someone’s there, and why they’re following me, I’m glad that they are. But there are a good amount of people who actually listen to my golf instruction, and they’re better off for it.”

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