Paige Spiranac ‘breaks the internet’ in plunging dress ahead of PGA Championship

Paige Spirinac "broke the internet" after posting a revealing selfie ahead of the PGA Championship.

The 29-year-old shared the snap to her 3.3million Instagram followers a day before the second major of the year got underway. She had them gushing as over 200,000 likes flooded in. One of her fans commented: "Stunning as always!"

"And you’ve gone and broken the internet," replied another, while a third joked: "I think your top button has broke on your top." Barstool Sports host Kayce Smith replied "omg" with two heart eyes emojis and fellow golf enthusiast Tisha Alyn did the same while writing: "Okkk hairrrrr."

Spirarac, who used to be a pro before becoming a YouTube instructor, was debuting a new bangs look, which she explained was a brave decision on her Playing-A-Round podcast. "I've talked about this since episode one of this podcast – I have had a very difficult relationship with bangs," she said.

"I had this feeling I could pull off bangs my entire life, but I never could. And I'll tell you why – every time I cut bangs before, I was having a mental breakdown. And I did it myself.

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"In junior year I dyed my hair full black because a boy broke up with me. Locked myself in my room and cut straight across bangs. It looked terrible.

"It was like Dumb and Dumber. My mum came home and was like what did you do?! This time I saw this picture of Hailey Bieber and I want to look like that. So here we are."

Spiranac also offered her wisdom for the PGA Championship, which kicked off at the Southern Hills Championship Course in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Friday (May 19).

Giving her prediction, she said: "I always think that Justin Thomas is going to tear it up in the Majors. He played really good last week, I feel good about him this week."

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