Olympic 100m champion admits Team GB’s CJ Ujah’s alleged doping breach ‘makes him smile’

Tokyo passes the baton to Paris as the Olympic Games come to an end

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Olympic champion Lamont Marcell Jacobs has confessed that he found the suspension of CJ Ujah for possible doping pleasing after the British press questioned him on the matter in the wake of his 100 metre win at Tokyo 2020. Ujah tested positive for two banned substances in the wake of the Olympic Games.

Jacobs was not necessarily favoured to win the blue riband event but finished in a remarkable time of 9.80 seconds. It led to some questions, particularly from the British media, about his rapid rise to become the premier sprinter in the world.

There have never been any indications that Jacobs has actually ever doped, although he is linked to Italian nutritionist Giacomo Spazzini, who is being investigated for distributing anabolic steroids.

Team GB won silver in the men’s 4×100 metres relay race with Ujah a central part of that team. Jacobs’ Italian quartet snatched gold at the last moment to spark emotional scenes in Tokyo.

Ujah has since tested positive for ostarine and S-23, both banned substances with the former not legally available in any product.

JUST IN:British Olympian CJ Ujah suspended for doping rule breaches

The 27-year-old has been suspended from competition while a thorough investigation takes place, and if found guilty, could face a 4-year ban from the sport.

Jacobs couldn’t hide his pleasure at the revelation about Ujah after having been questioned by UK journalists about doping.

Speaking on Italian breakfast show Unomattina, he responded to a question about the doping allegations and suggested that perhaps the press in this country should be more concerned about their own athletes instead of looking elsewhere.

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Jacobs said: ““Accusations of doping? The situation hasn’t really affected me that much, I know the sacrifices and the hardships I’ve gone through to get here and instead I want to enjoy it 100 per cent

“After seeing the investigation into Ujah, I’d say that maybe it’s better to look at your own situation first before attacking others. The whole thing makes me smile.”

Team GB’s other sprinters Zharnel Hughes, Richard Kilty and Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake will also be stripped of their medals if Ujah is proven to have doped.

Olympic regulations stipulate that the entire team is to be punished even if only one member has doped.

The president of the British Olympic Association Sir Hugh Robertson said to the Times that the athletes know about that rule, but it would still be “tragic” if they were to be stripped of the silverware.

Robertson said: “It is absolutely tragic for the other members of the relay team but those are the rules

“It is very disappointing news of course but he remains innocent until proven guilty and we will absolutely respect the process.

“We in British sport spend a lot of time and money on educating athletes about prohibited substances so if they transgress they will be fully aware of what the consequences are.”

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