Mortifying twist as woman snogs stranger on kiss cam before boyfriend returns

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UFC star Paddy Pimblett called out Facebook and Instagram CEO Mark Zuckerberg in his entertaining post-fight interview following his win on Saturday night.

Pimblett secured an emphatic victory over Rodrigo ‘Kazula’ Vargas after forcing the Mexican to submit with a brutal rear naked choke at UFC London at the O2 Arena. The Englishman now has an 18-3-0 record.

It was just the second time the Brit had fought under the banner of UFC after his debut win over Luigi Vendramini back in September, and the 27-year-old made light work of another opponent. He has now won both contests in the first round.

In similar circumstances to the first fight, Pimblett took a heavy shot to the face early with Vargas going for the take down in search of the ground and pound. However, Pimblett used his expertise in Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to take the 36-year-old to the floor with a hip toss.

He then locked in the rear naked choke and Vargas was forced to tap out. After the contest, Pimblett was asked who he'd like to fight next – and the Liverpudlian gave a brilliant response.

“Who do I want to fight? Mark Zuckerberg,” Pimblett declared to approving roars from the crowd. “Lad I'm going to punch your head in, I am sick of you.

“Sick of you shutting my Instagram accounts down when all I do is help charities and help people with mental health problems. You're the biggest bully in the world, lad.”

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When asked about his win, Pimblett said: “Are you not entertained? I'm never ever in a boring fight, lad. I needed a punch to get woken up. That was only a five or six out of ten, he caught me with a nice punch.”

Pimblett's quick victory led to thunderous cheers at the O2 Arena, with his teammate Molly McCann leaping into the octagon to celebrate with her friend. McCann – who won earlier in the night – celebrated alongside a dancing Pimblett.

McCann’s win saw her make a claim for knockout of the year with a spinning back elbow stoppage to defeat Luana Carolina.

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A woman was left mortified when she kissed a stranger on camera during a hockey game — before her boyfriend returned to the seat.

The awkward moment was spotted during a break at a Vancouver Canucks game at Roger Arena, Canada, when the camera panned around the stadium and asked couples to share a kiss on screen.

As it panned over to a man and woman with an empty seat in between them, the woman shook her head while the man awkwardly laughed it off. They turned to each other, apparently asking if they should do it for the camera, and they went in for a quick snog.

Spectators cheered and they returned to their seat. The camera moved on to other couples – but there was a twist at the end when the game host picked a "winner" for the best performance.

Shortly after, the woman's boyfriend returned to the seat, sitting in between the man and his girlfriend, and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "Congrats, you're the winner!" the banner flashed on the screen in the stadium.

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He turned to her looking rather clueless while the woman was left looking visibly uncomfortable. Gracie, who shared the segment of the game on TikTok, wrote: "Who's gonna tell him?"

The video went viral with more than seven million views — and one joked: "They did here dirty."

Some viewers were convinced that the kiss was staged but still found it funny to watch.

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"It's gonna be an interesting ride home," one said and another commented: "What? I feel bad for him, seriously did not expect that."

In January, a basketball fan got lucky when he got kisses from two women sitting next to him, but the two women gave a surprise to all the sports fans. They turned to each other and started kissing, leaving people screaming in disbelief.

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