KU disputes NCAA allegations against hoops team

The University of Kansas is disputing all allegations of wrongdoing by its basketball program that have been levied by the NCAA, the school said Thursday.

The NCAA served Kansas in September with a notice of allegations stemming from the college basketball bribery scandal that led to the prosecution of several former Adidas employees. The notice included five Level I violations.

Among the most serious charges were lack of institutional control by the school and head coach responsibility violations by Jayhawks coach Bill Self. The football program was cited for Level II violations.

In its response issued Thursday, Kansas stated: “In this case, stemming from federal criminal trials in 2018, there are several facts that are in dispute; there are assumptions made; and, perhaps most importantly, there are unprecedented and novel theories put forward that, if found to have merit by the Panel, would dramatically alter the collegiate sports landscape in ways not contemplated by the Membership.”

The Jayhawks’ statement goes on to say, “The University formally challenges each of the men’s basketball related allegations in the Amended Notice of Allegations (“ANOA”) as neither NCAA legislation nor the facts support the enforcement staff’s allegations.”

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