Golfer terrorised by evil swan who chases him around green while trying to putt

An amateur golfer – from the US state of Georgia – was attacked by a swan when he attempted to complete a putt.

John Walters was enjoying a relaxing round of golf with his friends before he was chased around the green by the overprotective swan.

And when Walters had sunk the ball into the hole – the swan sunk his teeth into the amateur golfer with intent.

Walters was forced to try and flee the scene – to the amusement of his mates, who were laughing behind the camera – as he attempted to evade the animal.

But it resulted in a chase born from a comedy sketch.

Walters' daughter explained to TMZ that the swan lived in a pond near the 9th hole, and it has been very protective of the 9th green and fairway.

A fact that Walters himself now knows all too well.

Walters can be heard yelling 'f*** off' as he runs off, whilst the shout of 'f****** swan' can be heard off-camera.

Walters eventually managed to get away – from the animal – as he hid behind another golfer as a third ran away from the massive swan.

When he teed off for the 9th, Walters will have been hoping for a birdie – just not the one he received.

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