Germany’s pentathlete in hysterics around course as horse refuses to jump ‘hard to watch’

Hazel Irvine presents BBC's Olympics coverage

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Germany’s Annika Schleu broke down in tears this morning during the final of the modern pentathlon at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  The emotional Schleu struggled to hold back tears as her horse Saint Boy refused to jump on the course.  The German pentathlete was in first place and in pole position to claim a gold medal ahead of the final.

However, the nightmare performance meant Schleu slipped from 1st to 31st place. 

The BBC commentator said: “I think she realises all hopes are over, she has lost her chance at an Olympic title.

“This is hard to watch, it is hard to commentate on. Her face says it all. The crowd don’t really know how to react.”

Viewers on Twitter said: “That was difficult to watch. Devastating for Annika Schleu of Germany in the modern pentathlon.

“Led the competition going into the showjumping round and had a horse that just wouldn’t jump.”

Another added: “Watching the heartbreak of the Annika Schleu is one of the most cruel things I’ve ever seen in sport. Gold medal position down to 31st.” 


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