Former wrestler Jasmin St. Claire vows to "beat s***" out of Machine Gun Kelly

Former adult performer and ECW wrestler Jasmin St. Claire has slammed singer Machine Gun Kelly, vowing to “beat the s*** out of him.”

The rapper was involved in an altercation with UFC legend Conor McGregor at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Following the scrap St. Claire, 48, had some words for the musician.

She said: "I formally challenge MGK to beat the s*** out of him? Isn't that illegal? Yeah, I'll be able to fight him.

"Yeah I'd seriously love to knock those little jewels off his face and just knock whatever he thinks he has going on up there out. I'd go for the nose first."

Asked why she is not his biggest fan, St. Claire added: "He's annoying.

"First of all, what that hot girl (Megan Fox) is doing with him I like have no idea, but he's just the most annoying human being."

St. Claire had a brief stint in ECW, during which she sparred with the "Queen of Extreme" Francine. St. Claire also made appearances for XPW.

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In July 2002, St. Claire made two appearances for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and during that time contested the only pro wrestling match of her career against Francine.

The 48-year-old continued her tirade on Machine Gun Kelly by adding: "And then it's like he picks at everyone, and the jewellery on the hair. He looks like a third-rate Tinkerbell.

"I just, I don't like him. Like what's your music? What's your branding? It's so stupid.

"It's everything I cannot stand. It's more like he's just a kid who dresses up in his mother's clothes and his girlfriend's jeans or something."

According to TMZ Sports, things went haywire when McGregor, 33, approached MGK, wanting to say hello.

Rumours suggest the UFC icon was pushed away by either MGK himself or his security, spilling McGregor's drink in the process.

A Page Six source alleged: "[McGregor] was ready to throw his fists, securing was having trouble holding him back."

A representative for McGregor disputed reports that the Irishman had approach MGK for a photo.

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