10-year-old ice hockey player launches violent attack on two refs during match

A junior ice hockey clash in Russia was marred by ugly scenes when a young goalkeeper decided to dish out some stick – literally!

But he didn't target opposition players or even a teammate, instead, he went after two senior referees. And, in extraordinary scenes, he sought to wrap his hockey stick around their heads, having been infuriated earlier on in the match after being penalised.

The incident was captured on camera, with those filming appearing to find the whole situation hysterical. But for organisers of the tournament in the Sverdlovsk region in Kurganovo, the violence was no laughing matter.

According to the Russian Times online, the 10-year-old goaltender goes by the name of Artemi Akshumov. Just moments before his ill-advised attack, and with his team trailing 10-1, he was deemed to have tripped an opponent by officials.

At first, it was his own goal who bore the brunt of things, as the youngster repeatedly smashed it with his stick. Artemi's anger then escalated as he lashed out at an opponent before he then charged towards halfway to confront the referees.

He appeared to hit one with his fist, and then sought to attack the other by striking him on the head repeatedly with his stick. In a bid to end the madness, one official then signalled the end of the game.

How should the 10-year-old be punished for his violent attack? Let us know in the comments section.

The footage was shared on Russian social media sight Telegram by former KHL player Nikita Shchitov, to the apparent delight of casual sports fans. Not so much perhaps, to Ekaterinburg Youth Sports School, who the hothead was representing.

The team reportedly finished in last place overall at the event, suffering five defeats and scoring seven goals, while conceding 62. And according to Match TV, Artemi racked up 47 penalty minutes during the tournament.

Ice hockey has long been one of the biggest sports in Russia, with the country enjoying mass success at World and Olympic level. The country is currently suspended from international competition amid its invasion of Ukraine.

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