Zharnel Hughes breaks silence on CJ Ujah doping scandal as GB face losing medal

Team GB’s Zharnel Hughes has spoken out for the time since teammate CJ Ujah’s doping scandal.

The pair were part of Britain’s relay team who won a silver medal at the 2020 Olympics in the 4x100m.

However, due to Ujah testing positive for two banned substances, the team are in danger of losing their medal.

Hughes, 26, who ran the second leg of the race, took to Twitter yesterday evening, pointing out what he believes athletes need from the sport to ensure it operates on a level playing field.

He penned: “I’ve not posted since the Olympics because of a situation out of my control – one I am not involved in, but may be impacted by.

“It would be easier to say nothing, but I think it’s important to say that as athletes we need two things.

“First and foremost, a clean sport. The authorities are there to protect sport – something every athlete needs for fair competition.”

He added: “We also need to ensure that athletes finding themselves under the spotlight must have a fair hearing in their case, without prejudice.

“This is vital. Let the process run its course.”

Hughes redeemed himself with his stellar run in the relay final after a false start prevented him from competing in the individual 100m final.

"It was all in my control, unfortunately my calf cramped, and I moved. I can't describe it, it hurts a lot, second time again. I am just disappointed," he said after the race.

Richard Kilty, another member of the Team GB sprint quartet, will be “devastated” if he is stripped of his silver medal after a teammate failed a drug test, says his brother.

Nicknamed the Teesside Tornado, 31-year-old Kilty had a hero’s welcome in his home town of Stockton. But older brother Kevin said he was “gutted for him” as he faces having his medal taken away.

Kevin, 41, said: “It’s such a shame. He might not go to another Olympics.

“Sprinting is like football, you only have a certain amount of time until you’re past your prime.

“He worked so hard for this, ever since he was a lad. We didn’t have the easiest of childhoods – he could have gone down one of two paths, and he chose the right path.

“We grew up on a tough estate, but he got himself out and did well for himself – especially given what he was exposed to. He’ll be devastated.

“I’m so proud of him. He’s done nothing wrong, this is so unfair.”

Ujah was left “shocked and devastated” and is set to state a labelling error as the reason for his failed drugs test.

The sprinter has been suspended provisionally after two banned substances, ostarine and S-23, were found in his system.

Ujah's backup sample are currently being tested to see if they also contain the performance enhancing drugs, and if that proves to be the case, the 27-year-old is set to claim that the banned products were not listed as ingredients in legal supplements that he took during the games.

Even if Ujah is able to convince the Court of Arbitration for Sport that that is indeed the case, the likelihood of him being absolutely absolved of guilt for the misdemeanour is unlikely.

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